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About Kalmar Kebab

Kalmar Kebab is a well-established, family owned company that opened its doors in 1998. It is today being run by two generations of the same family who are focused on delivering high quality and well tasting Gyro and Kebab products. As the company expanded, its founders recognized that high growth brings high responsibilities. Therefore, the founders developed what enthusiastically began with home-developed recipes and intimate customer relations to what came to be our three founding principles: 

Taste - Quality - SERVICE




Kalmar Kebab guarantees the best possible taste without compromising our customers health and wellbeing. Our recipes are all a result of a passion for well tasting food and gastronomy. We have since the start specialized in marinating meat but have always recognized the importance of keeping our products natural and sustainable. In our opinion, it is important to know that we only produce and sell meat that have been marinated to attain a desired taste and nothing else. Our motto to only produce products from carefully selected ingredients to well-developed recipes have proven itself successful among restaurants and retail where we have continuously increased sales every year.



At Kalmar Kebab, we are dedicated to always deliver the highest possible quality. By working with both local and market-leading Nordic suppliers, and setting standards that exceeds the ones set by The National Food Agency in Sweden, we are able to provide a quality that is at the top end of the spectrum within the food production industry. As a customer of ours, you can feel safe. This is primarily because all of our products can be traced to their origin. Additionally, we are also sending weekly tests to an independent laboratory to guarantee safe meat products. What first started as a passion, where we only would supply meat products that we ourselves wanted to consume in our own homes have since the beginning developed into a highly technological and advanced system, all to guarantee the best possible quality.



Everyone is welcome to Kalmar Kebab. We are determined to deliver the best possible service to anyone who is in contact with us. We work responsibly with a flat organization where a selected few handles the administrative department. In our opinion, good service comes from within, which is why we have as a company culture to always be warm and welcoming. We recognize that a strong cooperation is of the greatest importance, which in turn provides both us and others with more possibilities to create jobs that will result in more delicious gyro and kebab meat for the public.